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Our Background

Beat Bob has been building character in our youth through a message of hope for over 30 years. He travels across America using the talents God has given him to inspire and motivate our young people to be the best in what they have been given. Paytech EPS, Inc has partnered with Bob in support of His mission and local communities to give back to the communities and our future leaders. 

Contact us to learn more. Beatbob.org, Gopaytech.com.

What We Do

Beat Bob and Paytech has partnered together to create win win rewards for schools, communities, churches, and charities. To learn more about who we are and what we do, go to our respective websites and on the contact page, leave us a message.  We will call you back to answer your questions. 

Contact us to learn more. 

Beatbob.org and Gopaytech.com

The Prize for this Campaign

Those who show up to the Stockton, MO Beat BOB Rally, will receive a discounted trip to their choice. Trips  average around 80% discount after taxes and processing fees. 

Refer a local business looking to save money on merchant processing and as a customer, a portion of the fees will go back into the local community through a monthly residual donation to a school, church, or  charity of your choice.  All trip processing fees and taxes will be reimbursed up to $400 with one new customer in your community .

Contact: Gopaytech.com

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